About Us

Peregrine Cavendish, the 12th Duke of Devonshire, is the latest in a long line of Cavendish's who have served King, Queen and country - and themselves - for half a millennium. Indeed, this year marks the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Derbyshire dynasty with the birth in 1505 of Sir William Cavendish, the husband of the famous Bess of Hardwick - although the family can trace it's lineage back across eight centuries to Norman times.


Fifteen generations of Cavendish's have survived and prospered since Sir William's son, also William, became the first Earl of Devonshire in 1618, and with more consistent splendour than any other great English dynasty. Down the centuries the family have produced great statesmen - the Fourth Duke of Devonshire was Prime Minister of England, and then Lord Chancellor: proconsuls, great builders and patrons of the arts - and the turf, leading socialites and politicians; several eccentrics, and at least three scientists of note, including one of genius - Henry Cavendish who has refurbished the Hotel for you. His passion for the Hotel shines through with the quality of the rooms being exemplary.